FLEX 'N' CARDIO Fitness is committed to providing health and fitness solutions to individuals and groups.

Since 2007, we have been providing quality programs and services as a personal trainer in and around the Werribee, Victoria area. 
Get The Results You Want!
There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer. A qualified personal trainer can help you reach or maintain a healthy weight, improve your overall conditioning ... with one-on-one encouragement and motivation. With a personal trainer you can enhance your flexibility, strength, endurance, posture, balance, coordination as well as your cardiovascular health.

Why a Personal Trainer? 
A certified personal trainer will work with you personally and create a workout plan specifically tailored to your individual needs. With a personal trainer you will receive intensive and on-going training, nutrition counseling, and encouragement during your session.

Why Choose Flex 'N' Cardio Fitness as your Personal Trainer?
Thats simple, We aim to meet our clients needs and ensure that by working together we are "Achieving Results"
That's right! Flex 'N' Cardio Fitness has been developed to ensure the clients goals are met.
We are sick of seeing Personal Trainers and gyms taking the 'one program fits all approach'.
It is our experience that such programs rarely work. Sure you may get fitter, but have you really achieved your goals?
At Flex 'N' Cardio Fitness we will sit down with you and develop a program that takes into account your short term and long term goals.
We understand that you have other committments (dont we all?).
We will take into consideration things like:
  • The time available to train;
  • family, work and life committments;
  • previous sporting experience;
  • current fitness levels; and
  • any injuries or medical conditions.

All we ask is for your commitment to the program.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for a program that will set you on the road to health and fitness.

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